ASK ABOUT OUR HSU DISCOUNTS- Student/Military/Police/Fire

The Lost Boys are a tight knit group that strives to support and help their members grow and accomplish whatever goals they have set. What sets the Lost Boys apart is our drive to train. We started out as a group of guys that were passionate about their sport.  WHen humboldt bay jiu jitsu shut down, they were faced with the decision of finding training elsewhere or not training at all.

When exploring the other options the Lost Boys realized that they would not find a gym that offered the high level training  and family atmosphere that was crucial to them. others felt the same and have flocked to the Lost Boys gym. The growth of their group has forced expansion that the team is very excited about.

The Lost Boys firmly believe that they provide the best training in Humboldt County! Come join the Lost Boys family!!! 

Experience Unlimited Training  


Adults- $110 a Month - 

kids Classes- $80 a Month (ages 5-13)



Ask About our Military/Police/Fire Fighter/NEW STUDENT Discounts

Unlimited Training-Adults- $110 a month 

Includes ~                                

experience unlimited training 


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes (7 days a week morning/night, and open mat)


Submission Grappling  





kids classes- kids classes meet 2 x a week

(check class Discription/schedule for days and times)

$80 a month ages: 5-13


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  


Submission Grappling